Customer experience journey map

Customer experience journey mapping allows you to identify and visualise step-by-step your customers’ journey when using your brand, product or service.

This tool helps you to identify problematic customer journey stages and let you analyse and see innovation potential. The final goal is to improve your customer experience and minimize unmet needs.



You can use this tool as one, or divide for Persona and Customer experience journey map.

Start with Persona side.

  • Discuss within the team which target customer Personas’ fall into your scope. Decide on the Persona you want to focus further in your project.
  • Together with your team (or individually) fill the Persona template.
    Tip: Some information might be assumed but at least some information should come out of your research or immersion experience.
  • Present your Persona information and have discussion with information you know and which you need to learn from interviews.


As you already agreed the Persona on whom you are focusing your journey mapping, you can continue with Customer experience journey map side.


  • Identify different phases in your customer’s journey;
    Tip: don’t forget that customers’ journey starts from the idea or challenge they want to solve until they successfully solved it. It is much broader than just interaction with your product, service or brand.
  • Identify which actions your customer does in these phases.
  • Identify and draw a line of emotions with each action to visualise customer’s feelings
  • Identify which customer’s needs are unmet and what opportunities for innovation you have.
  • Present these unmet needs to other and agree on which you want to focus further in your project.