Future Leadership welcomes autumn by opening new Innovation Academy

Future Leadership welcomes autumn by opening new Innovation Academy

This autumn is remarkable for us since we are opening the brand-new INNOVATION ACADEMY and its program within three different hands-on modules. All modules aim to consistently develop and deepen knowledge in innovation creation, beginning with initiating the innovation process and finishing with prototype creation and solution implementation. 

The program kicks off on November 2 this year – learn more now!

“In 2020, we did a survey, which showed that 94% of employees and managers believe it is essential to have innovation processes and tools. Still, only 22% of respondents actually run such processes and use innovative tools inside their companies. With Innovation Academy, we aim to change that. It is crucial that more people would acknowledge how to create and implement the innovation process, improve the company’s culture, and gather for strategic discussions,” explains Justina Klyvienė, the founder and managing partner at Future Leadership.

Offers results-oriented and teamwork-based learning activities 

First of all, the program is designed for people with an innovation-driven mindset and a genuine need for never-stopping growth. Suppose you are either a long-year innovation expert or just starting to learn about innovation. In that case, you are welcome to choose your competence-level module. 

Moreover, knowing the significance of short-term and long-term results of the innovation process, the program’s structure and activities are results-oriented. The modules are built to effectively set and achieve strategic goals and perform specific tasks, allowing you to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practice. 

We also believe that the most thriving ideas are born and grown efficiently while working with like-minded people. That’s why the program is practice and teamwork-based, letting you work and learn teams to multiply needed skills.

Different-level modules invite innovation visioners, leaders and enthusiasts

INNOVATION ACADEMY program offers to join three modules, helping to sharpen necessary skills for the various level of innovation development process. 

The program welcomes innovation enthusiasts and everyone who would love to create as well as innovate to join the first “Creating Innovation: A Quick Start Guide” module to learn about required innovation methods and tools. The 5-week module aims to help participants kickoff with the innovation development process in general. The module takes action online from November 2 to December 7.

The second program’s module – “Innovation process development and management in a company,” is dedicated to organization leaders, managers and everyone who wants to create and implement a culture of innovation in companies. This 5-week module will happen online from November  4 – December 8.

Visionaries and C-level executives will be welcomed on the third module, “Future Scenario Building Program: Reimagine the Future.” This program is intended for leaders who constantly develop ideas, analyze, combine trends and signals in a promising scenario, helping to build future innovations. The participants will take the 3-week module online, starting on November 12 and finishing on December 10.

Justina Klyvienė, the founder and managing partner of Future Leadership, will curate the program. Justina is also a regular conference speaker, innovation consultant, mentor of international philanthropic organizations, co-founder of Alter State.


For more information about the INNOVATION ACADEMY, feel free to visit https://www.innovationuni.lt/ 

Written by Kristina Kirkliauskaite

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