Innovation for executives: future scenario


Innovation for executives: future scenario

I am really interested in future scenario building and future foresight as one of the first steps to foresee future innovations and plan actions which we need to take in order to create our desired future. It’s not about predictions. It is about a range of alternative futures based on current trends.

So let me share some exercises which might be interesting for you to
play with in order to disrupt your thinking about the future and what is
possible and what is not.

  1. Gather 10 different signals (a signal is a specific example of the future trends, developments in the present, namely: technological, science innovations, new regulation requirements, startups, etc.) which might impact changes in your industry.
  2. What kind of changes does it represent? What are the main forces for this change? What will happen in 10Y if this signal becomes mainstream? How will it impact your industry? How will it impact your company?
  3. What positive and negative scenarios could we build out of these signals?Write 2-3 sentences describing each scenario.
  4. What do we need to do in 2020 to create or to avoid this future scenario?

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