Innovation strategy is the creation of growth strategies, new product and service categories or business models that change the game and generate significant new value for customers and the company. 


Innovation moved from being a “nice-to-have” component to being a strategic one, which transforms organizations and enables them to become market leaders and shapers of the future. Innovation strategy is the key for management teams to decide which direction the company is willing to go, and how much it needs to change in a way to build further prosperity through innovation.




INNOVATION CULTURE. Evaluate and assess companies‘ innovation culture.


INNOVATION MATURITY LEVEL. Identify companies‘ innovation maturity level and agree steps for further development.


INNOVATION MATRIX. Build innovation matrix and create implementation roadmap based on your future vision, imagined possibilities and strategic goals.


LEADERSHIP TEAM. Find innovation ambassadors within the team and build their innovation competence.


INNOVATION IMPLEMENTATION. We help companies to translate innovation strategy into innovation behaviour.

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Future scenario is your thinking about the company you want to lead, the team you want to build, the changes you want to make, and the world you want to live in. 


Future scenario planning helps to imagine possibilities, to make better choices and avoid “short-termism”. We analyse past events and organizational change drivers as well as future trends and current signals, to prepare for the future and to envision companies’ possibilities. It is an immersive experience, building future scenarios with the aim to explore future trends, future customer needs, future eco-systems, future possible scenarios. 




AWARENESS AND UNDERSTANDING. Build awareness and understanding of the past events and future signals which will impact further business development.


FUTURE NEEDS. Envision and gain understanding of customers‘ and vendors’ future needs to make better strategic decisions.


SOLUTION DESIGN. Collaborate with team members and expert exploring possible solution design and implementation frameworks. Explore and dream about the future, which you would like to create.


FUTURE SCENARIOS. Create future scenarios with compelling stories behind each scenario, which will describe the future and let others to envision it.  Build it grounded in observable human and social patterns of behaviour.


GLOBAL THINKING AND MENTAL FLEXIBILITY. Encourage management team to think globally and foresee future potential as well as to become more open-minded and creative so that it comes to possibilities foresight.

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Innovation Accelerator helps you to identify, build and test business ideas inside or outside your organization. A guided process from idea generation to the first working prototype increasing your abilities to spot and grow new business opportunities as well as approach strategic business development areas, in just a few months. 


Our innovation accelerator program is a bespoke product for internal or external start-up acceleration purposes.




INNOVATIVE IDEAS. Identify and help to flourish innovative ideas inside or outside your organization. 


INNOVATOR NETWORK. Create, encourage and develop innovation network top talents within your business ecosystem.


NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. By creating a “sandbox” environment you can nurture and grow new businesses or futuristic ideas.

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