How innovation culture can impact innovation performance?

How innovation culture can impact innovation performance?

The innovation culture can be described as creativity, openness to new ideas and entrepreneurial mindset. The concept of it also includes how company employees are willing to learn new ways of working, are looking for new ideas and ways to organize their business and improve products or services. 

All these aspects help us in the beginning of the innovation creation process which is called the front. In the meantime, the other remaining side of innovation culture is often  invisible and forgotten.

Most importantly it ensures the success of the  back end innovation process. It consists of INFRASTRUCTURE that supports the employees behaviour mentioned above,  also the STRUCTURE of the innovation PROCESS and the overall COMMITMENT of the management and employees.

The latter parts of innovation culture not only support the creative behaviors and the successful idea management but also help to implement the ideas fast and efficiently. Innovation culture as a whole ensures innovation performance.

It is very useful to ask yourself if you have both the front and back elements of innovation culture in your organization? 

Looking forward to finding out more about it?  See you in the HR week conference on October 1! I will present my research on the innovation culture in Lithuanian.


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